Vegans avoid harming and killing other animals whenever possible, be it in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, or the products we buy.  With most people having three meals a day, what we eat has a big impact on animals.

Vegan food avoids animal products (their bodies, their milk, eggs, bones, veins, honey etc) in favour of vegetables, fruit, beans, rice, flavour, awesome points and deliciousness.

Try these great recipes recommended by members of the Invercargill Vegan Society!

Jordan’s Chilli Noodles

Do you like beans, noodles and vegetables, perhaps served with falafel?  Then this is the recipe for you!

Chilli Noodles

Click to see Jordan’s Chilli Noodles recipe

Macaroni Cheese (Vegan)

A straightforward Macaroni Cheese recipe that can be made in a slow cooker.  With smooth cashew nuts, simply cook the pasta, blend and mix the ingredients together and let your slowcooker handle the rest. Delicious and low in fat.

Click to see Macaroni Cheese (Vegan)

Hare Krishna Kofta

A superb recipe “borrowed” from a Hare Krishna vegetarian cookbook!  “Koftas are succulent, Indian-style vegetable balls that can be served soaking in sauce or smothered in gravy. ”  Using chickpea flour, grated cabbage and cauliflower, you’ll create a miracle!

Click to see Hare Krishna Kofta

Tofu Stirfry

A great beginners recipe using Tofu, a good start to Vegan cooking.  Tofu works well, alongside your favourite fresh and frozen vegetables.  Serve over rice, or with noodles, its up to you :-)

Click to see Tofu Stirfry

Click to see Tofu Stirfry


A great “first vegan meal” for new vegans, nachos only require a few simple, cheap ingredients.  A couple cans of Wattie’s Chilli Beans, tomatoes (fresh or canned), onion, carrot, vegan corn chips?  Yup, you’re good to go :-)

Fancy things up with avocado, hummus, a side salad….and perhaps a mysterious ingredient named “Textured Vegetable Protein” TVP

Click to check out our nacho recipe

Muesli with Soy Yoghurt

A simple treat for breakfast, using storebought muesli and Soy Yoghurt

Click to see Muesli with Soy Yoghurt “recipe”

Scrambled Tofu Masala

A great Indian style recipe using tofu seasoned with cumin, coriander, garam masala and turmeric spices.  Accompany with store-bought-samosa!

Click to see Scrambled Tofu Masala

Apple and Pear Crumble

A fun, simple vegan dessert using soy icecream and vegan custard.   New Zealand’s iconic baking brand “Edmonds” make a custard powder which just so happens to be animal free.

Mixing with soymilk, you’ve got a cheap, sweet vegan custard to enjoy with apple peach crumble.  If you want to be extra fancy, add shredded coconut and sultanas!

Click to see Apple and Pear Crumble

Moroccan Couscous With Chickpeas

A colourful dish with the warm flavours of prunes, tomato and spices, served with chickpeas and couscous.  Great on a cold day :-)

Click to see Moroccan Couscous With Chickpeas

Dan’s Fruitcake recipe

An incredibly simple cake which offers fantastic results!

Click to see Dan’s Fruitcake recipe

Jordan’s Pumpkin Kumara Curry

Warm, golden and best served with marinated tofu

Click to see Jordan’s Pumpkin Kumara Curry

Katharine’s Cranberry and Cashew nut Roast

A treat for any Vegan potluck!

Katharine's Cashewnut Roast

Click to see Katharines Cranberry and Cashew nut Roast

Raspberry Passionfruit Cheesecake

Simple, attractive, cheap to make yet with the richness you’d expect of a cheesecake dessert.  This recipe was passed down to the Invercargill Vegan Society from our Seventh Day Adventist friends who run a weekly Vegan cooking class in Invercargill :-)  How can we ever repay them?

Click to see Raspberry Passionfruit Cheesecake

Jordan’s Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon?  Check.  Walnuts?  We got ’em.  Raisins?  Why not!  Golden spirals of wonderment, best enjoyed in the garden with your Hen Friends :-)

Click to see Jordan’s Cinnamon Rolls

Pepper Pita Pizzas

Three main ingredients.  Pita bread for the base.  Tomato paste to act as a flavoursome adhesive.  Toppings ranging from vegetables to slices of vegan sausage.  You can make these little pizzas as complicated or simple as you like :-)  Here is another version, using avocado, hummus, sundried tomato, onions, zucchini……served with roasted kumara sweet potato cubes and coleslaw.  Colourful, affordable, delectable!

Click to see Pepper Pita Pizzas

Natalie’s Focaccia Bread

A great side dish and a superb way to impress your friends at a bar.  “So, I was making Focaccia bread last night, as I often do…..” :-)

Click to see Natalie’s Focaccia Bread

Easy Date Scones

A quick, fun recipe which can easily be made in twenty minutes from recipe to jam covered munching :-)  Equally perfect for those impromptu potlucks or when introducing yourself to your new neighbours!  We gave out scones for SIT’s Orientation Week Market Day 2014.  Try serving with strawberry/raspberry jam and pear cream, a delicious dairy free topping included in the recipe.  Simply blend canned pears, ground almonds and vanilla essence :-)

Click to see “Easy Date Scones”


African Beans

A simple recipe combining beans, tomato and coconut served with rice.  While it simmers, enjoy photos of Jen’s trip to Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, home of Jane Goodall’s chimpanzee studies!

Click to see "African Beans" and photos of Chimpanzees, Zebra, Lions, Giraffes and other African animals :-)

Click to see “African Beans” and photos of Chimpanzees, Zebra, Lions, Giraffes and other African animals :-)



Jordan’s “Grandmothers” Mint Chocolate Mud Cake

Passed down from Women’s Day magazine to Grandmother to Grandson – a new family tradition!

Click to see Jordans “Grandmothers” Mint Chocolate Mud Cake

Jordan’s “American” Falafel Burgers

Sure you can get all fancy and use “proper” burger buns available at any supermarket for a couple bucks, but by using sandwich (or toast) bread you get a certain Freedom je ne sai quois :-)

Jordan's "American" Falafel Burger

Click to see Jordans “American” Falafel Burger

Jay’s Banana Bread

Effective in “bread” form or as muffins with added chocolate chips!   We’ve demonstrated these onstage at the Eco Show and posted them up north for the Auckland Vegan Potluck.  The perfect banana related recipe, is there anything it can’t do?

Click to see Jay’s Banana Bread

If you are interested to see more everyday Vegan meals, here are some photos from Jen and Jordan as they moved into a new home.   Lentil burgers, fried rice, marinated tofu, stirfrys, curries, pizzas, scones, nachos and more!

Click to see photos from our  2013 Housewarming months


Other great websites and blogs for Vegan recipes

Try the best selling “Revive” cafe cookbooks.  These can be found at any good bookstore across New Zealand, are easy to read and very colourful.  We love them!

“Revive” cafes are run by members of the Adventist church.  INVSOC is secular, but we appreciate their long history of vegetarianism and the many Adventist owned companies which make great vegan products available.  We also attend the local Wicklow Street Adventist Church’s free vegan cooking classes!

Tahini Sauce” – Vegan Menu for Beginners

Mayjer Tales” – a New Zealand Vegan food blog with great recipes!

Healthy Chelsea” – blog of “Kiwi Faves” winner Chelsea Slobbe, who shared her Vegan “Chocolate Pineapple Upside Down Cake” on New Zealand television!

Compassionate Christina” – Christina joined the Invercargill Vegan Society in the Surf to City 2013 funrun during her stay in New Zealand :-)

Veganacious” – by the fabulous Barbara DeGrande :-)

Marty’s Flying Vegan Review” – Pilot Marty shares reviews of Vegan restaurants as he flies across America!  Marty helped with our World Vegan Day 2012 podcast special, as we travelled the world ;-)

Raw Vegan On $10 A Day Or Less” – by our friend Lisa Viger

The Vegan Stoner” – Vegan recipes with great comic book illustrations