Pepper Pita Pizzas

“Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,How many pecks of pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?”

I’m not sure, but if you’d like to beat the Invercargill alliteration record (4), then go no further than these great “potluck party pepper pita pizzas”! :-)

You can make these little pizzas as complicated or simple as you like :-)  Here is another version, using avocado, hummus, sundried tomato, onions, zucchini……served with roasted kumara sweet potato cubes and coleslaw.


IMG_8796s IMG_8798s


Inspired by Jessie Humes “Quick Tasty Pizzas”, recipe number 8 on the New Zealand Vegan Society website.

Pepper Pita Pizzas!  Click to see images fullsize


– Pita bread (available at any supermarket, usually shrink wrapped “for your protection”)
– Tomato Paste for the base (available around the sauce/pasta aisles)
– Tomato
– Red Onion
– Capsicum peppers of various colours
– Vegan sausage, I used Sanitarium “veggie delight hot dogs”, available at Pak n Save in the refrigerated tofu/falafel section

Utensils needed

– a flat “soy margarine” knife for spreading Tomato paste
– a sharp knife for slicing vegetables (and fruit, depending on your view of tomatoes!)


Short of master chef Russell’s Vegan Sausages, Sanitarium’s “Veggie delights” Hotdogs work quite well.  Sanitarium has a long history of being Vegetarian, its great to see a “Vegan Friendly” logo on the front of this product :-)

Sanitarium “Veggie Delight hotdog” vegan sausages

First spread tomato paste across the pita bread with a flat knife, using a sharp knife would be more difficult, but has the benefit of completing the “someone bled to death here” effect.

Tomato Paste : for all your murder reenactment needs!

Tomato, Red Onion

 Adding various capsicum peppers makes for brilliant colours.

…and sliced capsicum

 Here are all the ingredients used, the sausage on the left has been cooked, next to an uncooked sausage still (mostly) in the packet.  I like to lightly fry the sausages before slicing and adding them on top.

sliced sausage added, all ingredients used in colourful form

As I finished the pizzas, our lovely weather ended, it started to rain outside!  Still warm inside by the oven, which was set to 200 degrees, the pizzas stayed in until golden and cooked.

Oven time!

A short while later, ta da! :-)  (albeit in a now overcast backyard)  Try as they might, the rain gods couldnt dampen these pepper laden pita pizzas :-)

Pepper Pita Pizzas!

Pepper Pita Pizzas!

Pepper Pita Pizzas!

Enjoy with your friends, these work out well for Vegan potlucks :-)

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