Jordan’s “American” Falafel Burgers

“Have you ever seen an America television show where they use the term “sandwich” for a burger?  Well, how about we misappropriate the term in turn, for this “American” Falafel burger, combined with fresh vegetables, a burger patty and a little falafel, they’re a useful way to use those dastardly end pieces from a loaf of bread!”

Jordan's "American" Falafel Burger

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– Bread (you could use Burger Buns if you’re all fancy and live in North Invercargill)
– Burger patty (I used Bean Supremes “Gourmet Burgers”, easily found at all local supermarkets with the refrigerated tofu and falafel)
– Falafel, gently fried
– Fresh vegetables, I used slices of Tomato, Red Onion and lettuce leaves


– Salt and pepper
– Soy Cheese/Vegemite/Marmite for a different flavour to add to  the bread

– Sharp knife for slicing vegetables
-Frying Pan for Falafel and Burger patty
– Cooking oil
– BBQ Spatula for flipping Falafel, Burger patty


Fry Burger Patty and a round ball of Falafel in your frying pan with a little Cooking Oil.  While you wait for them to fry, slice your vegetables, in this case, tomato and red onion.  Arrange artistically on a piece of bread, and add salt and pepper (optional)

Jordan's "American" Falafel Burger

Soon the patty and falafel will be fried and lightly brown

Jordan's "American" Falafel Burger 3

Clumsily plop burger patty atop vegetables.

Jordan's "American" Falafel Burger

Lettuce being put on top of the burger patty adds a little variety for when you then add the grilled Falafel

Jordan's "American" Falafel Burger

Add top piece of bread, whether it be an end piece from a loaf of sliced bread (“the best thing ever!”) or an actual designated burger bun, you fancy thing you! (“The best thing since sliced bread!”)  :-)

Jordan's "American" Falafel Burger 7



You could also make a FANCY burger, by using Ciabatta rolls, thick slabs of Tofu, gherkins, fried onion, beetroot….and perhaps some home made kumara chips :-)


Enjoy with your friends :-)

Jordan's "American" Falafel Burger


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