Breakfast Muesli with Soy Yoghurt

Not much of a “recipe” as such, but *certainly* the breakfast of (Vegan) champions! :-)

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– Muesli, I buy the economical and *delicious* pick n mix muesli from Pak n Save, some of the bins have Non Vegan muesli with animal secretions inside.  Good Ol’ pick n mix code “4170”has never lead me wrong so far :-)

–  Soymilk, such as So Good Essential, available at any supermarket near you.  You could also be adventurous and use Ricemilk, Oatmilk like all the cool kids these days, or even *gasp* another brand of Soymilk!

– “Kingland” Soy Yoghurt, available in not one, not two but THREE flavours at Pak n Save, “Mango and Peach”, “Strawberry” and “Berry” (boysenberry). Surprisingly, just the “Berry” flavour is at Countdown.  Even in Auckland’s supermarkets, some only carry Berry.

Soy Yoghurt Pak n Save

Delicious and “dairy” free :-)

Utensils required :

– Bowl
– Spoon
– Self Restraints, while you add delicious delicious yoghurt! :-)

– Add muesli to bowl, carefully picking out and adding as much dried apricot to your bowl as possible, self restraints partially loosened…..

– Pour in plantmilk, and having chewed through all literal self restraints like a RIM executive, add namby pampby, limp wristed, gun controlling, pro choice expounding LIBERAL amounts of soy yoghurt :-)

You’ll find yourself with a wonderful breakfast, covered in fruit and sweet yoghurt :-)

Read The Soy-thland Times with a hearty breakfast :-)

Make a second bowl for your friends…if theres any left! :-)

Alternatively, try making a porridge by mixing fruit muesli and (cheaper) rolled oats together.  Bring to the boil then turn down the heat.   Stir thoroughly as the fruit porridge thickens :-)

Serve covered with Soy yoghurt and Soy milk :-)



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