Jordan’s Chilli Noodles

“I often make variants of this simple, quick to prepare meal, using different kinds of noodles, vegetables, but always, always the chilli beans!”

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– Chilli beans (or you could use baked beans, any beans if you’re less adventurous/find other beans on special)
– a Tomato
– a Red Onion
– Noodles/pasta of your choice, try Fettuccine (long flat noodles) and/or Udon  (the curly, white rounded noodles), but you could use any kind of pasta.  If you are using long noodles, break them in half so they are more manageable :-)

A tip, Udon noodles at New World in South City (possibly elsewhere) are available in two locations, one with the pasta, and the second, seemingly identical actual noodles in this packaging in the Japanese food section, on the other side of the aisle.  You save ~10 cents or so, and theres less packaging, so you can say “I care about Mother Earth” in public, while we all secretly realise you’re just plain cheap! :-)

Optional : Falafel to grill and add to the top

Utensils needed
– a Large pot for the beans/vegetables
– a Small pot to boil the noodles/pasta
– a sharp knife for cutting the vegetables
– Can opener (at least until theres an iOS/Android app for opening cans)

Serves 3-4

1.   Boil a pot of water, and add the noodles.  Cook until soft.

2.  Chop the vegetables you would like. Add the beans to a second pot and cook.  Add the vegetables once the beans are ready :-)

3.  When the beans and vegetables are ready, you could either mix in some of the noodles, or serve the Chilli Bean mix over top of the noodles.

Enjoy :-)


Take the noodles, in this case, Fettuccine “Italian” noodles made in New Zealand, and “Instant Japanese Fresh Udon” noodles, made in Korea and place them in the small pot.  Snapping long noodles in half can make them easier to eat :-)  Add hot water and bring to boil.

The udon noodles currently look like a freeze dried lobotomy, right?

Chop the vegetables, slice them, dice them, thick or thin, any way you please :-)  For the remainder of this recipe, tomatos are considered a vegetable.

Open the can of beans, and add them to your large pot.  Initiate heating process.

 Add chopped vegetables.  In a couple of minutes, you’ll be gazing upon this* :

*presuming you were to bring the cooked beans/vegetables in their large pot, and place it on my backyard sundial, cocked to a jaunty angle

Optional, fry some Falafel while the beans cook

When the noodles are ready (a couple of minutes on the boil), tip out the incredibly hot water (careful now!), and mix the noodles in with the main pots beans/vegetables.

Serve onto dinner plates, and enjoy with your friends :-)

With Falafel, as Mr Rooster would appreciate


He also liked salt.  A lot!

Three different types of pasta, and TWO types of onions, red and yellow :-)



With the addition of TVP (Texture Vegetable Protein, basically soybean flour)


Hungry Hungry Hen Friends enjoy Chilli Noodles too!

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