July 2013 INVSOC Potluck


We had a lovely potluck for July 2013!  Our last potluck together before Jordan and Jenny fly up to this years Animal Rights Conference in Wellington :-)  You can see our photos of ARC2011 here.

Jordan, Jenny, Dan, Kerri, Steve, Jess and Nicole attended.  Lindsay, Erin, Ranna and her daughter Rutu were all first time guests!  Lovely to meet you all :-)

Tonight was Nicole’s last potluck with us, before she flies home to the UK.


My name is Nicole and I’m a medical student from the UK doing an elective placement at Southland hospital. I just read about the vegan society (from the “welcome to Invercargill sign!) and I was wondering if I’d be able to attend the June (or July) potluck? I’m vegetarian at the moment, but in a sort of slow transition to becoming vegan. I’m only in Invercargill for 8 weeks but don’t know anyone, so it would be really nice to meet some new people!

Thanks for reading and best wishes”

We’ve loved your company Nicole, and look forward to being friends forever :-)

Pasta, Falafel with almond dukkah, Samosas, Lasagne, Seasoned Potatoes, Apple Crumble, Banana/Chocolate muffins….. :-)

Samosas, Seasoned Potatoes, Rice



We’ll share a simple vegetable Lasagne recipe on our website soon.  It’s basically layering vegetables, sauce and lasagne sheets, simple :-)

Seasoned Potatoes

Jordanian Falafel (made by Dan, not Jordan!) with Almond Dukkah


Chocolate muffins!

Banana Muffins!

“Apple Crumble Involountrio Flambé!”  We scraped off the burnt bits and served with vanilla ice cream.  Like the airborne pig in “Lisa The Vegetarian”, it’s still good, it’s still good!  ( In a non-speciesist Vegan world, that would be ” he/she is still good, he/she is still good”.  We make LOTS of friends with Vegan food :-) )


Thank you very much everyone for a lovely night :-)  We hope to see Lindsay, Ranna, Rutu and Erin again soon :-)

Safe travels Nicole, stay in touch :-)



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