February 2016 INVSOC Potluck

 For our second event of 2016, our potluck featured conservation documentary “Racing Extinction”.  With animals going extinct at a faster rate than ever before, drastic action is required to slow climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Adding in animal rights veganism – animal agriculture is New Zealand’s largest cause of climate change pollution -, Jane Goodall, Sea Shepherd…..and an electric Tesla with one hellova projector….Racing Extinction is a great movie!

Invercargill Vegan Society members have helped coordinate and join the “Leading the Charge” annual NZ roadtrip, starring a few Tesla Model S electric cars.  We’re all for the electrification of transport, for a cleaner, kinder world :-)

A great turnout of happy, smiling vegans :-)

“Racing Extinction” official trailer:

From “Racing Extinction”: “Livestock produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector”.  Vegan food for thought!

On the menu: Hell Pizza with vegan cheese, Sea Shepherd’s Pie (recipe), a brown rice salad, flat bread, hummus and guacamole…..

Ziggy and miss Mahalia soon made good friends :-)


Sea Shepherd Pie 

Hell Pizza “Sinister”, ordered with additional Angel Food vegan cheese

Brown Rice salad

A green salad :-)

Jordan, Amelia, Chris, Ink….

Nothing says “Southland” like an animal rights potluck and a conservation film :-)

Dessert: rhubarb fruit crumble, salted caramel slice, fruit salad



Salted Caramel slice

 Fruit Salad




Thank you everyone for a great night!

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