April 2015 INVSOC Potluck


The April 2015 Invercargill Vegan Society potluck was a huge success!  New member Shannelle joined in the feast, and this month marked Zeng’s first “appearance in the tofu” (having sent in dumplings last potluck).  From “meat”balls to a mens tuition class in menstruation, our April 2015 potluck had it all!

In the prettiest venue in all the land, we had a post-potluck palaver about menstruation in all its forms!  It was enough to make a male vegan society founder go red as a spilt Mooncup.  “It’s like a murder scene!”


“Horror Movie” and “Animal Rights & Rescue of North Texas (ARRNT)”.

ARRNT do a fantastic job of animal rights advocacy up in the US-of-A, we’re proud to know Barbara DeGrande and the ARRNT activists.

From the north of Texas, to the south of Invercargill, heres to a vegan world :-)

 We were also joined by our friend Sarah, visiting the south and staying at INVSOC HQ.  Sarah whipped up a pretty darn good salad, using ingredients from her previous stop….Riverton’s South Coast Environment Centre.

And of the food?


“Not so meaty but very yummy ‘meat’ balls”, Potato & Pea Curry with home made Chapati and “Classic Corn Chips”.

Super Quinoa Burgers, dried bananas, Chocolate, Berry and Caramel Sauce…Cashew Balls with Pistachio and Cranberry Sauce, Banana and Cranberry Ice Cream…..Roast Winter Vegetables, Coconut + Raisin Cookies….

Chapati bread, “Super Power Green Salad”, Wedges, Roast Winter Vegetables, Super Quinoa Burgers, Potato + Pea Curry, “Meat”balls…

“Not so meaty but very yummy ‘meat’ balls”

“Super Quinoa Burgers”

 Chris, Amelia and Jen serving up animal friendly vegan food

 Roast Winter Vegetables

“Guyton sourced + Eco Centre Riverton Organic Raw Salad”, “organic dried whole banana”




“Banana and Cranberry Ice Cream”

“Chocolate, Berry and Caramel Sauce”, each made with a date base

“Coconut + Raisin Cookies”

Apple Crumble         

With a sliced orange garnish!



What a great evening, thanks everyone!





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