September 2015 INVSOC Potluck

A potluck to last the ages!  From some vegan “man on the street” on “The Southland Times” cover, to vegan sausage rolls.  Invercargill Vegan Society members are really….. on a roll!  (my apologies for the terrible pun!)


Things Vegans Say When Stopped On The Street By A Reporter:

“I love the vegan food in this city. I’m just going to Marco’s. It’s really cool to see so many vegan options available. It’s fantastic to see more animal-friendly food available. I became vegan because of the movie “Silence of the Lambs”. It was talking about killing people for their skin, and seeing someone as an “IT”. It made me realise how we see Other Animals, it’s not very kind. It just made sense that we should look out for animals more, wild animals, and animals on farms, that we should treat them and see them with respect.”

Sounds like a little kids school report, but it got the job done :-)


Our september potluck featured vegan Sausage Rolls, Kofta (Indian vegetable balls), braised eggplant, Hell’s “Sinister” pizza with vegan mozzarella cheese, chickpea cauliflower curry,…..chocolate cake, apple+blackberry+coconut crumble…..pumpkin pudding with coconut cream and granola

With Mahalia pretty in pink, Lisa joined us from Dunedin.  Ixia and Anderson joined in, as did Willy’s flatmates :-)

Kofta, vegan sausage rolls, a broccoli salad, Hell’s “Sinister” vegan pizza

A lovely colourful dal 

Hell Pizza’s vegan “Sinister”, with refried beans and added vegan cheese :-)

Pizza, chickpea curry, vegan sausage rolls, dahl, broccoli salad….

And for dessert?  Chocolate cake, apple+blackberry+coconut crumble.

Pumpkin pudding, with coconut cream and granola.  An animal rights lifestyle, veganism is hardly lacking in variety* or sheer decadence.

*except for the three chocolate based desserts, I guess!






Apple + Blueberry + Coconut crumble, with Lisa’s granola and pumpkin whip added.

Pretty colours, and fantastic textures.  Between soft fruit crumble, and hard granola crunch, all the food groups were represented ;-)




Thank you everyone for a great evening!



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