Tasti Bitz

Tasti Bitz is a great Indian, Sri Lankan and Middle Eastern spice shop on Kelvin Street. Open afternoons-evenings Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, and Sun 12 noon-6pm, and with a great online store too!


Check out our Tasti Bitz video tour!

Owners Ranna and Ankur are only too happy to help vegan customers  :-)
From great soy chunks (perfect for curry), to tinned jackfruit, dried beans, heat and eat vegan curries and snacks, Tasti Bitz has a great selection of animal friendly, vegan goods.

Tasti Bitz has tinned Jackfruit, which is becoming very trendy to use in Western “vegan meat” style dishes.  Young Green Jackfruit (less ripe) is a pretty versatile ingredient, and the national fruit of Bangladesh.


Tasti Bitz has a million interesting animal friendly products to discover, combining Indian, Sri Lankan and Middle Eastern ingredients in one awesome store in downtown Invercargill!

A quick curry made using our backyard pumpkins and kale, tinned tomatoes, basmati rice, cubes of tofu and Tasti Bitz’ large soy wadi (chunks :-)

Just as in our renowned Nachos recipe, soy chunks are basically TVP, the most ominously three-lettered-ingredient since M-S-G!

Soak the hard chunks in boiling water, strain and squeeze away the liquid, and you’ll have chewy/soft balls which soak up flavour!


Dosai mix!


Namak Para and Papadi snacks



Thank you Tasti Bitz, for being so friendly and welcoming to your vegan customers.  We love your wide variety of ingredients from across the world :-)

Tasti Bitz
12 Kelvin Street

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