Surf to City 2014 Funrun

INVSOC Team Vegan enjoyed cycling in the “Surf to City” 2014 funrun!  We’ve previously ran in 2012 and walked in 2013

We had 8 Invercargill Vegan Society members planned to enter, but family events meant only 3 could make it on the day.  We had two separate vegan friends in Dunedin who wanted to drive down for the event!  Neither could make it, one was put on-call at the SPCA animal shelter, another had a trip to see family overseas!  We look forward to next years event, where we might be able to be the LARGEST group! :-)

Jordan, Jen and Steph were glad to carry the vegan banner :-)

The Surf to City starts at Oreti Beach, where “World’s Fastest Indian” Burt Munro practiced with his customised world speed record motorcycle!

Vegan and proud :-)  It’s great to get active in community events, to raise awareness of veganism, of respect for all animals.  We even love bright shirted photobombers! :-)

 Jen and Steph with our “Invercargill Vegan Society, all animals are equal” banner :-)


There was a cruel rodeo event on the same weekend.  We cycled past, where “stocktrucks” lined up and wannabe cowboys twirled lasso rope.  Havn’t they heard the word, Texas has gone VEGAN!  Our friends with “Animal Rights and Rescue North Texas” are doing a fantastic job being vegan animal advocates.  Publicly hurting animals for fun is soooo last century!

 We had a lovely ride from the beach.  It was fairly cold in the morning, about 14 degrees.  By afternoon, we were in the low 20’s.  Surf to City finishes in beautiful Queens Park, surrounded by the farmers market, a carnival and Shakespeare in the Park performances!


Go INVSOC Team Vegan!





We can’t wait for Surf to City 2015! :-)




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