10 Dee Street (beside Hell Pizza), 2 Martin Street, South City and 38 Windsor Street, Windsor

Invercargill’s first Subway, 10 Dee Street in Wachner Place (next to Hell Pizza)


If it’s good enough for Happy Gilmore, then the “Veggie Patty” or “Veggie Delight” options are good enough for the Invercargill Vegan Society :-)

“Veggie Patty” $9.90, misleadingly named vegetable only “Veggie Delite”  $7.90

*actual experience may vary slightly from this Photoshopped picture

Both the “Veggie Patty” and “Veggie Delite” can be made easily vegan.


Subway NZ have a full ingredients list online, but essentially, here’s a vegan cheat sheet :-)

Bread selections that are totally animal friendly:

* Roasted Garlic
* Multigrain Bread

* Wheat Bread

* White Bread


* Marinara

* Sweet Chilli

* Sweet Onion

*Teriyaki Glaze


I’d recommend the “Patty”, unless you’d really like to save a couple bucks by getting the grandiose sounding all vegetable “Delite” :-)

“Veggie Patty” above, with a Vegan friendly patty made of

“Vegetables (40%) (Carrots, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Water Chestnuts, Onions, Black Olives), Soy Protein, Cooked Brown Rice, Seasonings (Herbs and Spices, Flavours, Sugar, Salt, Vegetable Fibre), Oats (contain gluten), Vegetable Oil (canola and palmolein).”  (can contain Palm Oil)

and a “Veggie Delite” all salad Sub below

Hard to beat Southland sun on a Sunday with a Subway sandwich at Seaward Bush :-)  Right before we went to the weekly Adventist Vegan Cooking Class :-)


Subway locations:
10 Dee Street (beside Hell Pizza)

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2 Martin Street, South City

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38 Windsor Street, Windsor



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