June 2014 INVSOC Potluck

Happy “Vegan Pizza Day”!  On June 28th 2014, the Invercargill Vegan Society was proud to be among the first to celebrate “Vegan Pizza Day”.  We were one of the first, and likely the southernmost Vegan Pizza Day potluck :-)

Jordan, Jen, Phil, Steve, Kerri, Jess and Katharine were joined by our friend Jewel.

Our “Vegan Pizza Day” meal focused on two Hell Pizza “Sinister” vegan pizzas, joined by a hummus, sun-dried tomato and broccoli creation.  Vegan garlic bread, fries, wedges and gourmet salads accompanied the main course, followed with lemon cake, brownies and fudge for dessert.

Vegan Pizza Day: encouraging people to “Go Vegan” for the animals :-)

Hell Pizza’s “Sinister” vegan pizza, available across New Zealand

Home made hummus, sun-dried tomato, red onion and broccoli pizza.

Gourmet salads, wedges and salsa.

Garlic bread and fries.

Lemon cake, brownies and fudge for dessert!


 Thank you to everyone who attended the June 2014 Invercargill Vegan Society potluck, happy “Vegan Pizza Day” to vegans around the world! :-)




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