Products in Invercargill

Veganism is more than a diet, Vegans try to avoid harming other animals, human or nonhuman, for the food we eat, the shoes we wear, and the products we buy.

Here are some interesting Vegan products for you to try from local stores :-)

Pak n Save and Countdown are often the cheapest supermarkets, and Countdown in particular has the perhaps the best range of Vegan food available in Invercargill.  New World Windsor however, has the best range of Vegan icecream!

You’ll also find that many common New Zealand products are Vegan, such as sauces and condiments.  Vegans can easily shop at any supermarket and make burgers, stirfries, lasagnes etc :-)

There are some specialty stores that are well worth visiting.  “Bin Inn” bulkfood store in South City has by far the cheapest TVP intown, half supermarket price.

From supermarkets to specialty shops, there is a great range of Vegan food and vegan products available in Invercargill :-)

ComplEat Wellness (formerly Organica Living), Windsor Street

What a treasure for Invercargill Vegans, “ComplEat Wellness” stocks many proudly labelled Vegan products!  “Nice Cream” coconut icecream, “Nice Blocks” (iceblocks), coconut yoghurt, vegan chocolate made in Dunedin, tempeh, miso paste….. and even books about going vegan!

 Check out ComplEat Wellness next time you are in Windsor.

Click to see ComplEat Wellness

Pak n Save supermarket, Tay Street

Vegan burgers, falafel, vegetables, rice, soymilk…

Click to see some useful Vegan products available at Pak n Save on Tay Street : Tofu, Soymilk, Dairy Free Icecream, Chocolate, Pick n Mix…

Countdown Supermarket, Tay Street

Perhaps the best overall range of vegan products, Countdown stocks Fry’s Vegan sausages, Tempeh, vegan burgers, falafel, vegetables, rice, soymilk…

Click to see some useful Vegan products available at Countdown on Tay Street : Tofu, Soymilk, Chocolate, Falafel, Vegan Pastry…

New World supermarkets, in both Windsor and South City (shown)

There are two New World supermarkets, the North Invercargill “New World Windsor” supermarket has Invercargill’s biggest range of vegan ice cream!  They also stock imported Linda McCartney vegan products, and have a great International section.

“Nice Cream” coconut icecream, Linda McCartney sausage rolls, Vegan burgers, falafel, vegetables, rice, soymilk…

Click to see useful Vegan Products available at New World Elles Road (in South City) : Tofu, Soymilk, Dairy Free Icecream, Chocolate…


Plaza Supervalue on Yarrow Street

A compact little supermarket, with a wide variety of vegan products

Click to see Vegan Products at Plaza Supervalue supermarket

Click to see Vegan Products at Plaza Supervalue supermarket


Colonial Bakery, Gala Street

Located near Queens Park, ask the friendly staff about what fresh “vegan” baking they’ve made that day :-)  They usually have a great range of Chelsea buns – pear, blueberry, sugar, iced… that are all suitable for vegan customers.

Check out the Colonial Bakery, Gala Street

Bin Inn on Grace Street, South City

A great variety of “pick n mix” bulk products such as rice, grains, beans and products.  The Invercargill Vegan Society has a plot in the South Alive Community Garden, right behind Bin Inn! :-)

Click to see useful Vegan Products at Bin Inn on Grace Street :  Pick n Mix beans, grains, Vegan Products, Nutritional Yeast…

Asian House groceries, Tay Street

Directly opposite Wensley’s Cycles and H&J Smiths, Asian House has a good selection of Vegan friendly Asian food.  Aloe Vera, Noodles and fresh Tofu at low prices.

Click to see Asian House groceries

 Riverton’s “South Coast Environment Centre” (SCES)

Located 30km west of Invercargill, Riverton is a lovely seaside town to explore on a daytrip.  From the nearby Clifden Limestone Caves, the Clifden Suspension Bridge, Cosy Nook cribs…….OR the world famous “South Coast Environment Centre”!

Learn about “Forest Gardens” with the Guyton family, permaculture, sustainable living, “seed bombs”, fair trade, organic horticulture…..the South Coast Environment Centre is Southland’s epicentre of environmental thinking.

Click to see Riverton’s South Coast Environment Centre



Do you have a favourite Vegan product readily available in Invercargill?  We’d love to feature your favourites!  Please contact us about adding to this page :-)